BEWARE of the Effects of the Trashed Look

I heard a horror story of how a realtor took her clients to a foreclosed home for a showing.  When she walked in the house with her clients, the house was filled with left-behind trash — broken furniture, lamps, garbage bags in the corner, broken blinds, a cracked window — you get the picture.  Needless to say, this first impression did not make a good impression.  While no one expects a foreclosure to be in great condition, finding someone else’s trash in it is unappealing. 

We can help!  Peace of Mind Property Solutions will clean out your foreclosure to broom-clean.  We will change the locks, remove all debris, remove any bad carpets, and take care of the outside, whether it’s mowing or snow removal.  We can also make improvements as necessary, such as drywall repairs, painting, replacing carpet, replacing lights; just call us.  One call does it all!

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Pros and Cons of Writing so Early in the Morning!

View ImageUnless you are a gifted writer, which I am not, writing anything at all is a challenge.  Having to write so early in the morning (to me, it seems like the middle of the night) is tough. 

The pros of writing this early in the day are:  (1)  it gets you out of bed earlier than usual; (2) breakfast is provided (it is hard enough to get dressed that early, let alone thinking about eating); and (3)… I simply cannot think of another good reason to write so early in the morning.

Now, the cons are much easier.  Usually the “cons” are negatives, but in this instance, for me they are all good things.  First, you get to sleep in, which is particularly nice on these frosty mornings.  Second, you can eat whenever you want, which will fuel your imagination for when you are ready to write.  And last, but not least, perhaps writing later in the day one can keep things in perspective and have a more robust sense of humor!

Have a blessed Christmas holiday, everyone.

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‘Tis the Season to be…generous.

The holiday season can be a mixed bag of emotions.  Decorations abound, parking lots are packed, and holiday music is everywhere, reminding you to spend, spend spend.  Buying for children and family can be stress filled or enjoyable, depending on your outlook. 

On the news, you hear about the unemployment rate, crime and foreclosures are increasing, homeless shelters and food pantries are out of supplies, and charitable organizations are in need. 

How can we reconcile these conflicting emotions?  Take a few deep breaths, listen to your heart, and give generously and willingly to those who are less fortunate than you.  It will mean a great deal to those in need and highlight what this season is all about.

Happy Holidays to all, and may you be abundantly blessed in the coming year!

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Getting business versus keeping business

As small business owners, we tend to expend most of our energy getting new customers.  We create a business plan, target our market, create marketing materials, join networking groups, and create our 30-second “elevator speech.”  Once we get our first customers, which is very exciting, we get to work, providing them with the services they have contracted for. 

As time goes on, we tend to focus on getting new customers, assuming our first customers will always be satisfied.  Marketing strategies emphasize attracting new clients; to survive, we must grow our business.  But what happens when we take our existing customers for granted?  More importantly, are we providing our new customers with better service than our existing customers?

Getting and keeping customers is a balance.  We must continue to put in place a system that allows for continued customer feedback and promotes satisfaction to new customers.  Customer satisfaction and word-of-mouth referrals are always a win-win for everyone.

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Every Success has a Story

One of our bank clients had a house to be cleaned out and cleaned up.  Trash was everywhere, soiled carpeting, grime hanging on everything.  Nothing had been cleaned in the house for a very long time.  It was a case of rolling up your pant legs and holding your nose.

We cleaned out the house, removed the smelly carpet, and started repairs.  Ceiling fans were removed and replaced with new light fixtures.  Baseboards and door frames were added where missing, doors with holes in them were replaced, and dozens of holes in the walls were repaired.  After a thorough cleaning, we were ready to put a fresh coat of paint on the entire inside of the house.  With new carpet and pad throughout the house, it is looking great inside.  

Moving to the outside, trim was painted, the lawn mowed, weeds pulled, and trash around the house removed.  A new garage door was installed.  (Did I mention they swapped the garage door and track for an old, rotting garage door that they secured with metal plates?)   

Wow!  This house is looking great.  We are ready for the final walk-through with our client.  The property is in a marketable condition and ready to be listed for sale.  Priced right, it should sell quickly, the final goal of our client.  

How can we add success to your story?

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How to help your client while helping yourself

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Now is the time to winterize.

If your foreclosure has been sitting empty for a while, now is the time to get it ready for winter.  Take care of the lawn first.  A final mowing, removal of weeds and twigs, and pruning will get the property in a good first-impression position. 

Next, if there is no heat in the property, winterizing is necessary to keep the pipes from freezing and bursting and additional damage being done to the property.   Recheck the windows to make sure they are locked. 

Check the property regularly.  Empty houses are attractive targets for theft and vandalism.  If security has been breached, re-secure the property. 

Make arrangements for the removal of snow.  Nothing spells empty like an unshoveled driveway. 

Attention to detail is the key to keeping the property in the best possible shape until it is once again occupied!

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